100816 Stockholm. Kristina Edström. Foto: Anna Simonsson


Kristina Edström ( is Associate Professor in Engineering Education Development at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, one of the founders of the CDIO Initiative. Since 1997 she leads and participates in educational development activities at KTH, in Sweden and internationally. She serves on the international CDIO Council and was elected in the SEFI Administrative Council 2010-2013. She was also Director of Educational Development at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology in Moscow, Russia, 2012-2013. Over 600 participants have successfully taken her course Teaching and Learning in higher Education (7,5 ECTS) customized for KTH faculty. Kristina was awarded the KTH Prize for Outstanding Achievements in Education in 2004 and was elected lifetime honorary member of the KTH Student Union in 2009. Kristina has a M.Sc. in Engineering from Chalmers, Gothenburg, Sweden.




Margot Gerritsen, Associate Professor of Energy Resources Engineering and by courtesy, of Mechanical Engineering and of Civil and Environmental Engineering (
Margot Gerritsen was born and raised in the Netherlands. After receiving MS degree in Applied Mathematics at the University of Delft, she moved to the U.S.  In 1996 she received her Ph.D. in Scientific Computing and Computational Mathematics at Stanford University. Before returning to Stanford in 2001, she spent nearly five years in Auckland, New Zealand as a faculty member in the Department of Engineering Science.
She is professor in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering at Stanford, interested in computer simulation and mathematical analysis of engineering processes, and also Director of the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (
She specialize in renewable and fossil energy production and is also active in coastal ocean dynamics and yacht design, as well as several areas in computational mathematics including search algorithm design and matrix computations.
Apart from research, she really enjoy teaching, and she teach courses in renewable energy processes, wind energy, reservoir simulation, numerical linear algebra and numerical analysis.
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Dr. Erkki Ormala ( was born 1950. He graduated in 1974 and received his PhD in 1986 from the Helsinki University of Technology. He was a Senior Research Engineer at the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) 1974-1987. 1987-1999 he was the Secretary of the Science and Technology Policy Council of Finland. In 1999 he joined the Nokia Group. At Nokia he is in charge of developing favourable business environment for Nokia globally.

He has more than 60 scientific publications. In 1992 he led an international evaluation of the economic and social impacts of the Eureka Scheme. 1996-1999 he chaired the OECD Workin Group of Technology and Innovation Policy. In 2004-2005 he chaired the Five-Year-Assessment of the EU Research Framework Programme. He was 2008-2012 the President of Digitaleurope. 2008-2010 he was a member of the Board of Helsinki Univerisity of Technology and 2010-2013 a member of the Board of University of Oulu. He is a member of the EU high level advisory group on Media Futures. 2013 he joined Aalto Univeristy Business School as a Professor of Innovation Management



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